Seyar Ahmad Niaz

Seyar Ahmad Niaz


Seyar Ahmad Niaz, holding a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Indian School of Business and currently working on his second Master’s Degree in Economics in George Mason University located in Virginia, USA.

Mr. Niaz was working as the director of Economic Policy of the Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan till February 2017, before he immigrated to the United States of America. Seyar has been also working as the Governance and Growth Advisor with the high prestige organizations such as USAID and Deloitte. With his strong background in Management, Finance, and Economic Analysing, he has never stopped learning new skills such as website development and being involved in different voluntary positions working with humanitarian organizations.

In his first days in the United States in early 2017, Mr. Niaz joined the CWB team and along with his active participation, he could proudly develop the CWB website and managed the public outreach of the CWB.

In the personal life, Seyar is a friendly, professional and smiley character where people feel reluctant to leave him.

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