Farid Zamani

Farid Zamani


Farid Zamani was born in Afghanistan and immigrated to Canada as a young teenager. After arriving in this multicultural nation, Farid quickly became fluent in English and has been actively and tirelessly pursuing the many opportunities provided by his new country, including opportunities to alleviate suffering in Afghanistan, for Farid has not forgotten the millions he left behind.

On the education front, Farid studied for three years in Georgian College’s Aviation Management Program and earned his S.P.L. Pilot’s License at the Brampton Flight Center. Afterwards, he pursued his interest in world politics and global issues by gaining admission to the University of Windsor’s Political Science program. He graduated in 2011 and enrolled that same year in the United Kingdom’s Buckingham Law School. Having completed his law degree, Farid is currently employed as an Associate Lawyer at Daley, Byers, a law firm.

Farid’s great passion is charity and community work. He received a certificate of recognition for his fundraising work for the Children’s Hospital at the London Health Sciences Center. Thanks to his philanthropic work, Daley, Byers also sponsored and continues to sponsor the Afghan Students Association at York University, CASA, and the Afghan Independence Day Celebration, each of which has honored him with a certificate of recognition.

To facilitate this charitable work, Farid Zamani Co-founder the non-profit organization, Children without Borders (CWB), and was successfully launched on September 29, 2016.  CWB’s mandate will be to build a bridge from Canada to Afghanistan in order to help children in need.