Nooria Kamran

Nooria Kamran


Nooria, Co-Founder, was born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan. Due to the war, Nooria and her family were forced to flee and immigrated to Canada, a land of opportunities. As a new immigrant, she adjusted herself well and quickly excelled. She graduated from David and Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute in 2006.

Nooria’s ambition has always been to assist people hence she chose law as her career. In 2006, she enrolled in the Law Clerk program at Seneca College while working at boutique office, Pace Law Firm. An ambitious person, Nooria was looking for other opportunities, and, as a result was offered a job at the Financial Services Commission of Ontario,  a government agency, where she worked for approximately 6 months. Currently she works at a boutique personal injury firm, Ristich Law. She commenced serving her own community and other communities with the assistance of senior lawyers at the law firm. Throughout her employment, both Nooria and her firm have helped thousands and have fought for the rights of injured individuals.

Nooria was able to organize multiple successful charity and non-charity events. For instance, in September 2015, Nooria organized a charity event in Toronto where $4,500.00 USD was raised for the victims of suicide attack in Kabul. Due to her continued support to the community, she has received multiple awards. In April 2016, she was awarded with a certificate of appreciation from Afghan Student Association at York.