Community Development

Sadiqah Jariyah WELL #1

It is a privilege to be sharing the successful completion of CWB – Children Without Borders second well built in Mazar Sharif through the generous donation of Marius Kazimi. The well will provide access to clean water to over 300 families and two mosques. 

WELL # 2

We began to build another well in Mazar E Sharif that will also provide clean water to 370 families and two mosques. CWB would like to thank the following donors for their generous donations and trust towards CWB.

WELL # 3

This water well is to honour Brother Halil and his son Benjamin Turkbas along with their honourable family.  This Turkbas family has built a well in Mazar E Sharif, Afghanistan. The well will provide over 250 families with clean water and will give ablution for the local mosques in Mazar. 


To honour Mursal Aqayee’s courage and continue her legacy, the funds were used to build a well in Mazar and a computer lab in Kabul. On Sept 5, 2020, CWB successfully built a computer lab for the students at Kateb School. Mursal valued learning and loved education. She herself was always a bright student with hopes of making a change in Afghanistan.