Our Team

Our Team

Nooria Kamran

Co-founder / President

Nooria Kamran is an accomplished legal professional, committed philanthropist, and dedicated community organizer; with a passion for childhood education, women’s empowerment.

Farid Zamani

Co-founder / Board of Director

Farid Zamani was born in Afghanistan and immigrated to Canada as a young teenager. However, Farid has not forgotten the millions he left behind.

Zabi Wakeely

Service Director

Zabi Wakeely left Afghanistan as a young teenager due to war and immigrated to Pakistan.

Mursal Tahiri

Social media marketer / Admin Director

Mursal Tahiri. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Mursal joined CWB in October 2016 as the Social Media Marketer and Admin Director of CWB. She graduated from Lester B. Pearson Collegiate Institute in June 2020.

Fariah Saidi

Board Member

Fariah Saidi, political science student at York University, joined CWB in August 2017 with the hopes of putting more children back in school.

Naqib Sarwary

Fundraiser Advisor

Naqib Sarwary is the fundraising advisor at Children Without Borders and helps develop fundraising goals, fundraising campaigns, plans for donor acquisition, engagement, and stewardship.

Atta Yosufzai

Program Director Afghanistan

Atta Yousufzai, Program Director In Kabul, Afghanistan joined CWB in March 2017. Atta plays an important role in CWB as he meets with the children on a monthly basis to obtain updates and progress reports.

Hamed Wakeely

Program Coordinator (Kabul)

Hamed Wakeely, agent in Kabul, joined CWB in November 2017. Hamed not only finds beneficiaries, but also investigates and assesses the families to ensure they meet eligibility.

Seyar ahmad niaz


Seyar Ahmad Niaz, holding a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Indian School of Business and currently working on his second Master’s Degree in Economics in George Mason University located in Virginia, USA.