Nooria Kamran

Co-founder / President


Nooria Kamran is an accomplished legal professional, committed philanthropist, and dedicated community organizer; with a passion for childhood education, women’s empowerment, and the welfare of Afghans across the world. Nooria works simultaneously as the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Children Without Borders (CWB) — a registered non-profit organization formed to combat the growing crisis of child labour in Afghanistan — and as the Marketing Director and Law Clerk at Ristich Law, where she spearheads efforts to increase access to justice for Toronto’s local Afghan community. 

After moving to Canada at the age of 12, Nooria attended Seneca College, where she graduated from the institution’s decorated law clerk program. Since then she has received many professional accolades from some of Toronto’s most prestigious law firms. 

Nooria’s life changed dramatically when she became a mother. In the process of raising two young children in Canada, she observed the relative privilege they were afforded, and felt it was her duty to help those back home in Afghanistan who were not as lucky. In 2016, Nooria learned about the risks, poor working conditions, and adverse long-term effects associated with child labour across the world, and thus co-founded CWB to combat and raise awareness about the rapid increase in child labour across Afghanistan. Overseeing a small team of dedicated employees and volunteers, Nooria has successfully helped over 450 children in five different provinces in Afghanistan, make the transition from work to school by funnelling fundraising revenue towards their tuition, transport, nutrition, and family’s financial stability. 

Adding to this impressive record, Nooria has also led the charge on a number of other rapid crisis relief efforts, raising over $87,000 to provide food packages to those affected by COVID-19 pandemic in Afghanistan, raising over $112,000 for families impacted by the senseless attack on a Kabul maternity ward in June, 2020, helping children in Afghanistan seek emergency medical attention for life threatening maladies, and more. 

In addition, Nooria along with CWB members have organized many educational events for the community such as Spelling Bee and Math Competition to promote education within the Afghan community. She has also facilitated events such as interfaith gatherings that break down barriers between people of various backgrounds.  

In recognition for her work as a philanthropist and community leader, Nooria has received a number of certificates and distinctions, including an award for social activism in Ontario, as well as an award for social services in Ontario.