About Us

Where it all began

What we Do?

CWB’s mission is to be a bridge connecting the donors to the most vulnerable families whose children are engaged in child labour and/or at risk of becoming one.

Where it all began

Why we do this?

Tackling Poverty

To give each child, especially children in war zone countries the opportunity to survive and thrive.

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Child Education

Although education is free, however, most families have either lost their sole breadwinner to war or do not have the financial stability to keep their children in school. As a result, their children have been burdened to become the provider of their households.

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How we work

Sponsoring Families

At CWB, we locate, investigate and once verified, sponsor the most vulnerable families with young children that are engaged and/or at risk of being engaged in child labour.

Providing Financial Relief

We provide monthly financial assistance to the families which covers the income of the child and their household expenses.

Connect Educational Institutions

We work closely with educational institutions in both Canada and Afghanistan, with the goal of reviving the education industry in Afghanistan, and build a lasting educational framework with safe and quality schooling for children.

Want to get involved?

We are always looking for qualified volunteers to join the cause. If you are interested and believe your skills will be an asset to our team, let us know!


Contribute what you can in a one time donation and your funds will go towards helping provide financial aid to impoverished families.

Sponsor A Child

Sponsor a child with a small monthly contribution that will go directly to providing a child with free education and financial aid to life them out of poverty.

Become a Partner

Partner with us and find out how we can use resources and collaboration to build long-lasting change in Afghanistan.