About us

The three brains behind CWB, Nooria Kamran, Farid Zamani and Omar Hafizi, have always been heavily involved within their community in Toronto,

Nooria Kamran


Canada, but always dreamt of helping their nation, Afghanistan. After assisting members of their own and other communities, they decided that it’s time to extend their helping hand to those that were “suffering on a daily basis”. After distinguish researching and debating, they all came to an agreement that they will have to become a bridge between Canada and Afghanistan in order to turn their dream into reality. Hence, they began researching about launching an organization to aide those in need, but found it hard to distinguish who to help first and who would benefit from their assistance the most. Then they came to terms that children are the most vulnerable and neglected who need assistance and guidance immediately. Researches proved that children are actually suffering the most, they are forced to quit school, enter adulthood at a young age and most importantly to become breadwinners of their households. This is a devastating and tragic reality that most children are facing. Every soul living in Afghanistan is exposed to war and faces some kind of tragic every day, however, if we do not educate the children today, the cycle will continue and Afghanistan will never be a war free zone. So CWB’s role is to find children that quit school and are forced to engage in child labour and give them a second chance to start their lives. CWB will not only be sending children back to school, but will also ensure to raise awareness and develop strategies to diminish child labour. CWB can only achieve its goal with the help and support of you all. Let’s make a difference.

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