Relief Campaigns


This was the story of the 8 years-old Habiba that lived in Faryab, AFghanistan. At the age of 5, her parents noticed a lymph growing under her cheekbone. In a matter of weeks, the lymph grew as big as 3kg. 

She was assessed by the doctors in Afghanistan who were unable to treat her. Through this campaign, she was transported to Pakistan where the tumor was removed. Today she is a joyous girl that attends school full-time.

COVID-19 Relief Campaign

As the COVID-19 pandemic continued to grow aggressively in Afghanistan and around the globe. CWB along with Lamia Afghan Foundation put together a campaign that has provided families with COVID-19 emergency relief packages to families who were not only in risk of COVID-19 but also in risk of starvation. The packages included months of grocery supplies such as rice, flour and oil along with soap and masks. These packages were distributed to families who were mostly widows with child laborers, orphans, disabled and elderly living in different provinces in Afghanistan especially those heavily affected by COVID-19 virus.

Relief Campaign for Afghan Victims in Iran

“Please give me some water, I am burning” were words we heard from an Afghan asylum seeker. Children Without Borders was horrified by the recent incident of 14 Afghan asylum seekers that were burned. These innocent civilians had left to find work under terrible conditions, away from their loved ones, to earn some money to feed their children and families. While they never made it to work, they were burned alive after police opened fire on their car as a result of which 3 of them died and 8 who were badly injured. CWB had identified the victims’ families who lived under extreme poverty and uncertainty in the city of Faryab, Afghanistan. The funds that were collected through this campaign were donated to families to help cover the cost of their funeral expenses, the immediate medical care of those severely injured, as well as raising funds for the families of the victims who are residing in Faryab, Afghanistan.

Ramadan drive to Sponsor families

As we prepared to restock our fridges/storages for 30 days of the holy month of Ramadan. CWB decided to launch a campaign to assist the families who are in need of our urgent help during the holy month of Ramadan. This gave donors the opportunity to donate their sadaqah, fitr and zakat to CWB to financially support these families who were in need of our help. With the proceeds donated to this campaign, this helped a family to be able to feed their children and cover any expenses that were necessary during the month of Ramadan.

Winter Aid 2019

As winter was fast approaching back in 2019, we pledged everyone to share their warmth with those who do not have the financial means to keep their houses, families and most importantly their children warm. Through this campaign, we aimed to reduce the infant death caused due to winter condition by providing essential winter aid such as winter apparels, winter shoes, hats and mittens, firewood and other basic needs based on each family’s needs. At CWB, we were able to give more than 30 families the warmth, the compassion they deserved and the stability to survive the extreme cold weather in Afghanistan.

Relief Campaign for Maternity Ward Victims

On the blessed 19th day of holy Ramadan, Afghanistan became the victim of yet another barbaric and heinous attack on the most innocent group that claimed the lives of innocent civilians and left many severely injured. Three gunmen dressed in police uniform entered a maternity ward and started shooting on women who had just given birth, were during labour or had brought their children for vaccination. Through this campaign, CWB along with CHHS – Canadian Hazara Humanitarian Services provided financial assistance for funeral expenses, medical expenses and food packages to the survivors and their families that were located by our ground personnel in Afghanistan.

Sponsorship of families

For those that were planning and saving funds for their Hajj, or for Qurbani or if you have any donation to make, we ask that you please donate today so we can save lives together and give these families some stability. These families urgently need your help during this tough time and especially during this pandemic of COVID-19 that has pushed many innocent lives into starvation including children. Thus far, we have four families that are in urgent need of your help! 100% of your proceeds will be given to these families. 


They tried to bury us but they didn’t know we were seed. 

A barbaric and inhumane attack on the students at Kabul university has left many families mourning for the loss of their loved ones shocked everyone across the globe. The attack targeted the most brightest and promising students who had already dedicated their lives in to rebuilding a peaceful Afghanistan by becoming engineers, doctors or lawyers. 

Our ground personnel has been in direct contact with some of the families of the victims and we have learnt that some of the victims came from poverty stricken families who were looking forward to graduating and serving their nation. As Afghans living abroad, we cannot bring their loved ones back, but we can help them financially during their most difficult time of their lives. Proceeds through this campaign will assist families with funeral expenses, medical expenses for the survivors and their financial needs. 

Please donate today and keep the families in your prayers.