Access to safe schools, and quality education to eradicate child labour.

The legal definition of a charitable organization (and of charity) varies between countries

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Be a champion of change. Donate to Children Without Borders.

Children Without Border is a people-powered, non-profit organization that is built by the power of ordinary people like yourself. With our dedicated supporters, we work to eradicate child labor in Afghanistan by giving children the opportunity to go to school. We want you to join us in our fight for a stronger and self-sustained future for the children of Afghanistan. 100% of your donations go to the cause. 

Many ways to give:

Child Sponsorship: Child Sponsorship provides you with an opportunity to have a unique personal connection with a child and their family in Afghanistan. As part of your sponsorship you can exchange letters and photos and visit your sponsored child.

When you sponsor a child, your donations are pooled to support not only the child’s school participation but also their housing, food, medical care, and extracurricular activities. This means you are helping to improve the life of your sponsored child and the lives of their family members. 

Monthly Giving: Support CWB by giving a recurring gift. Monthly gifts allow us to plan more effectively and reduce administrative costs, which means your donation goes further. Donations will be compiled and sponsor the neediest children in the waiting list.

One-time Giving: Give a one-off gift to CWB. Your donation will allow us to take direct action and support more children’s education. If you wish, you can make your gift in memory of a loved one or to celebrate someone in your life.

Leave a gift in your Will: Ensure that your legacy lives on by leaving a gift in your will to the education of the new generation of Afghanistan.

Fundraise for CWB: Organize events and gatherings to raise donations for the education of Afghan children. Dedicate your birthday, lemonade stand, or bake sale to raise funds for CWB.


When CWB began, we made a bold promise: 100% of public donations would go directly to fund children’s education. Since we treat children’s education projects and operations sides of our business differently – separate purposes, separate fundraising goals, and separate bank accounts, we can guarantee that every public dollar donated helps take children out of child labor and enrolled in schools. And so far, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised and sent to children’s education without a cent administrative charge.

So, how do we pay our overhead?

CWB is mostly volunteer run with a few paid staff members in Afghanistan. From day one, we’ve relied on sources such as businesses sponsorships, ticketed events in Canada, and a small group of generous private donors to fund all of our operating expenses. It’s not always easy, but it’s an approach we believe in deeply. And year after year, our commitment to transparency inspires support from passionate donors, enthusiastic fundraisers, long-standing brand partners, and loyal volunteers who believe—like we do—that there is no better investment than giving children a quality education.

Your donation will go entirely to helping pull kids out of child labour and giving them a future to succeed. All proceeds go directly to providing children and their families with financial aid, household assistance, and medical aid to ensure they do not have to rely on child labour to survive.


How does your donation change lives?

Shazia was sponsored in 2018 through our Long-Term Sponsorship Program in April 2018. Her dream of going to school was fulfilled, where she was able to flourish and gain top grades in her school.

Your sponsorship of a child will provide long-lasting change for families in Afghanistan and give children like Shazia an opportunity to fulfill their dreams. 

Children Without Borders Foundation

Children Without Borders Foundation, CWB is a registered non-profit organization that has been formed to assist children who are currently engaged in physical labour and have become the breadwinners of their household. CWB is basically a bridge that will connect donors/sponsors with the most eligible children and their families. Every child that has been sponsored or awaiting sponsorship, CWB has investigated their families and have ensured that they are in fact in need of our assistance.

CWB has made contributions extremely easy and flexible to your budget. We offer the following four types of sponsorship that are suitable for your budget.