Let Afghan Girls Learn!

Education is the passport to the future for many children in Afghanistan today. Unfortunately, it is continuously banned, for millions of innocent teenage girls across provinces of Afghanistan, shattering their future dreams and hopes towards becoming the rising stars of tomorrow. This has left several resilient schoolgirls in tears…

“We are human. We have rights. Why are they playing with our future? We only want to continue our studies. Is it a crime to be a girl? Is it a crime we want to study?”

We call on the international community, especially the Canadian Government, Global Human Rights Organizations, and the United Nations to put pressure on the Taliban to give these girls their human rights back, their voices back to PROSPER AGAIN!!!

Our beloved homeland and sisters. We hear every teardrop you shed, but we must not lose HOPE and PREVAIL. You must RISE, and we will continue to be by your side until you achieve your human right!

Join CWB by signing our petition today. It is time that we stand up for each other. We must stand up to protect the rights and freedoms of girls in Afghanistan, and we must amplify their voices. Depriving a generation of women and girls of their right to education is unacceptable!

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