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As the holy month of Ramadan fast approaches, let us remember the vulnerable families in Afghanistan who are in dire need of our support today. According to recent estimates by the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, more than half of the country’s population, approximately 23.7...
On October 7th, 2023, a powerful 6.3 earthquake struck the city of Herat at a time of a heartbreaking economic crisis in our homeland, Afghanistan. More than 2,400 innocent lives, including young children, were killed, over 1,000 people were injured, and 1,320 houses were destroyed as a result of the disaster....
As the winter season sets in, there are fears that more than 28 million people in Afghanistan will need humanitarian assistance as temperatures begin to plummet inside the country. Affected families, particularly those working in the cold streets or living in poor shelters, will desperately...
The Prophet PBUH when asked which charity is the best: he (PBUH) said: “Charity in Ramadan” – Tirmidhi Ramadan is a month of joy and blessings. It is also the month of giving and caring for those struggling with extreme poverty and those facing dire...
Education is the passport to the future for many children in Afghanistan today. Unfortunately, it is continuously banned, for millions of innocent teenage girls across provinces of Afghanistan, shattering their future dreams and hopes towards becoming the rising stars of tomorrow. This has left several...
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Children Without Borders Foundation, CWB is a registered non-profit organization that has been formed to assist children who are currently engaged in physical labour and have become the breadwinners of their household.

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