Palwasha & Farman – Success Story

Palwasha and Farman, orphaned siblings, were the sole breadwinners of their household until CWB located them and immediately enrolled them in our sponsorship program in May 2018. Despite being enrolled in school half way through the school year, both Palwasha and Farman worked extremely hard and set an example. Farman obtained the highest mark in his class and became first, while Palwasha, despite being the only girl in the entire school became third. They only missed three days of school from May 2018 till December 2018, end of school year.

$100 per month brought a huge difference in Palwasha and Farman’s life along with their family. Their mother no longer had to worry about their safety, whether they would have enough food for one day or their future. This is the change CWB is determined to bring in each child’s life and we ask you all to be a part of this change by simply donating to our cause and CWB will ensure 100% of your donation is given to families in need.

Report by: Josh Radio Station

Sponsored by: Lashes by Fariah

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Children Without Borders Foundation, CWB is a registered non-profit organization that has been formed to assist children who are currently engaged in physical labour and have become the breadwinners of their household.

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