This is the story of 10-year old, Shazia.  A precious child that has spent more than 12 hours of her day polishing shoes in the streets of Afghanistan as the breadwinner of her family that was living under poverty.  She had been away from school for one full year and was hoping for a miracle to happen so she can go back to school.  Daily, Shazia would only receive 50-60 AFG by polishing shoes and that would not be enough to feed her entire family at home. Some days, Shazia would leave work empty handed. Luckily at CWB, we were able to locate Shazia along with her family and take them on to our long-term sponsorship program hoping she would become the rising star of tomorrow.

Today, we made Shazia’s dream come true by finding her a very generous donor that has sponsored Shazia’s education along with her family.  Not only did we make Shazia’s dream come true but she was successfully able to achieve high grades in School as a student and was featured in Kaateb’s magazine by her teacher.  This was a very proud moment for CWB to be able to change a child’s life from a child labourer to a school child.


If we have the ability to spend money towards our daily coffee then we have the ability to sponsor a child through CWB

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